duplicate contacts and groups

Oct 24, 2014
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Hi All,

A newbie here, so don't be too hard.

Okay here's the problem, i'm currently wanting to add all my contacts on my mac and sync using iCloud to my iPhone 5.

Currently i have yosemite on the macbook pro and IOS8 on my iPhone.

The problem is my groups and contacts just keep duplicating. I only have one iCloud account and it's driving me mad.

I must have the group, Andy Whittle, that;s me duplicated about 15 times and when i delete from iCloud it just keeps coming back. Almost like it's syncing with something else in the background but i don;t have anything else activated. I added one contact using my contacts app and its created itself about 10 times?.

Any ideas? a problem with iCloud or the new operating system?.

Thanks all for any help on this one!


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