Dumb Operator Error - Help Needed With Mail

Mar 14, 2008
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Ok, so don't laugh at me. I really need some help with an operator created problem with Mail.

I retired my old Macbook Pro and replaced it with a new iMac.

My old MBP had a major problem with Mail and the only way to fix it was to have Mail open with an external drive. I used some type of link program/app for this to take place.

I used Time Machine to transfer everything to my new iMac. Which means that Mail still uses the external drive to open Mail. Now that I have the new iMac I no longer need for this to happen.

Problem: I have no idea what the name of the program is I used to allow Mail to open in the external drive. Therefore, I don't know how to get rid of it so Mail operates as it should with the iMac. I just want Mail to work without having to go through the external drive.

Anyone have any ideas how I can fix this issue.


Additional Info:
I think I used something like a link- sync or link-share, program, not sure. It shared/linked files to my destination of choice and bypassed the macbook pros system and allowed mail to open and work, as long as the external drive was connected. I had a major problem with mail causing the MBP to lockup or shutdown. And linking/syncing with the external drive was the only way to fix the problem. Hope this makes sense.

Now with the new IMac In order for mail to work, the external drive has to be connected, if not when clicking the mail icon I get this message: Mail can’t continue because the folder where it stores information is unavailable. Please make sure the ~/Library/Mail folder exists. Mail stores information in /Macintosh HD/Users/xxxxxxxxx/Library/Mail. If the folder is on a network server, contact your network administrator. Otherwise, ensure the folder exists in the correct location on your computer before reopening Mail.

The mailboxes are imported in mail as far as I know. It did a achieving earlier today when mail opened and didn't work so a window opened to import mail boxes.

Not sure if it matters but on my non-apple phone my mail messages come in and go out with no problem, so mail is all practical ways is working with no problem.
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