Duel Screen HELP

Jul 22, 2008
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I am using an Eizo T765 screen as a second for my colour correction, as i am a photographer.

I have set it up easily to some extent. But i am now needing help with the real settings it asks for.

On the Eizo website http://www.eizo.com/support/discontinued/crt/t765.asp
In the display settings it asks for the resolution which i have set to 1280x1024 as this is stated on the Eizo site, However the Refresh rate says recommended 107Hz but i can only select 85.0, 89.9, 95.9 or 100.0 Hz. which d i need to set this too?

Are there any other tips or advice you could give me with regards to my second screen

Many thanks for hearing my plight


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