Dual 1Ghz QS in a 466Mhz DA - problems!

May 8, 2007
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Edinburgh, Scotland
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Power Mac DA G4 466MHz 512Mb RAM 10Gb+250Gb Disks
Hi folks,

I bought my 466Mhz G4 Digital Audio last year from a friend and love it to bits. I mainly use it for surfing and music and video. It's great for surfing (the joys of no viruses realised!) but it's a little slow for music (takes it's time searching my itunes library) and really struggles playing video (doesn't like going full screen) so I decided to upgrade the CPU.

I saw a Dual 1GHz QS processor on ebay, did my research and found that I should be able to stuck it in my DA machine because they both run at 133Mhz. I got the processor, popped it in my machine, connected a 12V feed to the forth post of the QS daughter board and tried to start her up.

This is where my problem starts, I can't get it to fully boot up! It has once booted up OSX but then the screen has greyed and a message pops up saying that it needs to reset. I press the reset button it shuts down but then nothing happens. Most of the time when I turn it on I get the grey screen then a message saying it need to reset.

Has anyone attempted this upgrade? Or am I a complete idiot for trying?! I'm wondering if I've bitten off a bit more then a can chew going from one of the slowest G4 processors to one of the fastest. Is there any kind of firmware updates that I need to run? I've noticed from the specs on LowEndMac that the Dual QS has 2Mb per processor of L3 Cache but my original DA processor has none. Would this be causing it problems?

Any help would be greatly apprecieted as you can understand it's pretty frustrating having a super fast processor that I can't use!


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