dual 1.25 powermac g4....worth it?



Okay I have the 17" 1 Ghz iMac with 512 mb ram, and a whole lot of programs (photoshop, office x, keynote....etc.) And an old iBook 300 mhz 192 mb ram running panther (and it runs panther suprisingly good).I love my iMac, but I also have been totally obsessed with getting a powermac g4 lately. Also, I figured the faster dual prcessors would run unreal tournamnet 2003 and halo better then my imac does. Now i know macs are not for the ultimate gamer, but im not the ultimate gamer i just want an overall better machine that can handle stuff better and which will last me longer. Here's what I'm thinking about doing. I'm going to try and sell my imac and ibook on ebay. I've seen my same imac sell for anywhere from 1,700 to 2,000. Also I make sure its clean all the time and its basically brand new, its in great shape u would think it was brand new. And I've seen my ibook sell for 400-650 on ebay too. So lets say I put these on there and get *estimating* 1,800 for the imac, 480 for the ibook. That gives me 2,280. I want the dual 1.25 ghz powermac G4 and the 20" Apple cinema display. Now I know you'd think-impossible, seeing as that would be 2,898 dollars from the apple store. Well this is the big reason why I want to do this, especially while my imac and ibook are worth what they are. This site - www.mac-bestbuys.com , offers the dual 1.25 for 1,299! And the 20" Cinema Display for 999! This brings it to a total of 2,298 and I don't think that this site has sales tax (its a family selling these computers, they have 8 employes,2 who work interenet sales, and ive looked into it and they are legit) . So when you think about it this is a real good deal - My iMac was 2,000 and I got the laptop for a steal (300!) So I'm saving 600 dollars having if bought from apple, and getting dual 1.25 processors compared to a single 1 ghz processor, and also will be able to put in 2 gb of ram compared to 1.....etc. And the 20" screen is very nice indeed, with more space then my imacs 17" . SO my final question is this, do you think its a good deal to get the dual G4 with the 20" cinema display, or should I get the single 1.8 ghz g5 and have to live with my stupid crt emachines monitor for quite a while. When I think about it, the dual 1.25 should be good for my needs.......and I also like the look of the powermac g4 better then the "innovative anodonized aluminum incasing" of the G5. Do you guys think this is a good buy and worth the trouble? Oh and once/if I get the iMac up on ebay I'll post in the buy,sell, or trade forum with the link :D .



i have the same dual g4 you're talkin about getting. it's a great machine, i have no complaints with it whatsoever. really powerful, and i've only got 1GB of RAM, compared to the 2GB you're talkin about puttin in it. i wish i could have gotten the 20" display, but the 17" is just fine for me. i know you'll love this computer if you get it. i highly recommend it. good luck with your decision!

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