.drive lost gbs.



.i had a 250gb lacie drive that all of sudden crashed and all my data was wiped which sucks but thats not my question.when i plugged it back into one of my macs 9.2 it asked to initialize the drive to 238.8GB.i know drives are never the full size they say but should i have really lost 13.2 GB? the drive connects through FW400 and the machine its in as of now is a 450mhz g4.i have not tested it on any other machines so i dont know if the machine matters.


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Dec 24, 2002
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14in MacBook Pro M1 Max 32GB 2TB
If you divide 250,000,000,000 bytes by 1024 (thats 1024 bytes in 1 kilobyte) you get 244140625 kilobytes. Divide that by 1024 (1024 kilobytes in 1 Megabyte) you get 238418.5 Megabytes. Divide one more time by 1024 (1024 Megabytes in 1 Gigabyte) and you get 232.8 Gigabytes.

So what you are seeing is in the ball park.

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