Dragging files around in x vs. 9?



Hello. Having jsut switched to OS 10, I am a little unsure of myself. In 9, I was used to creating stuff where ever and deleting whatever I wanted. First time I worked on a PC and I dragged an application in the trash...I spent the next few days reformating the drive, etc. The permissions, etc. of Server X, etc. have got me concerned. Apple said that you can't just drag copies around.

Two questions.

1) Can I create a folder anywhere I want? Like I just created a folder at the root level of the hard drive. Is that ok? Any special instructions?

2) How can I copy the students folders from the server to my laptop for grading? Before, under OS9 and AppleSHare 6, I just dragged a copy of the student folder and graded from there. Will this still work? Is there an easy way to not get all of the other stuff that the server creates?

Dec 30, 2002
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Im guessing youre on a network at school for getting the students folder. If so, under the "Go" menu, click on connect to server. there you should see all the network drives, and yes, drag and drop works great in os x


os x uses a unix permissions set up, which means if theres something system related, you arent initially allowed to do anything with it. this is to prevent any such reformatting due to operator error (aka, ID-10T Errors :D ). You can create a folder anywhere that a user has access. if you want permission to add a folder else where, use good ole Command+i on the folder and under permissions, change to yourself

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