Downloadable MP3 files? Help?



I shouldn't be designing web pages, because of the "stupid" factor. *sigh*
I'm helping someone with their site. There are MP3 files. When you click on
on one of them, it takes you to another page and loads and then launches
the user's player and plays. Great. But she wants people to actually be
able to download the files onto their computers. Someone said to just "zip"
it. I don't really know how to do that, but I'm willing to learn. Is there some
sort of coding besides the normal <A HREF> (pointing to the file) that will
make the MP3 downloadable, rather than simply playable?

See what I mean about the "stupid" factor? But animals and old
people like me. :eek:


Hmmmm, you should just be able to use the normal <a href> tag where the link would be something like "http://..../music/myTrack.mp3".

I use Firefox and when I click on a url with an MP3 link, it automatically downloads. If this isn't the case in other browsers, then above the link, simply provide some instructions for download, e.g.

To download:
Windows: Right-click the link and select 'Save Target as...'
Mac: *whatever the Mac equivalent is* (I'm waiting for my first, an iBook #^_^# )

All an <a href> tag does is to point the user to another page. Using the 'save target' methodology you should be able to save anything that is linked on the Internet.

Hope this helps, and sorry if the answer is a bit obscure; I should be doing work! ;)

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