Double itunes libraries? Confused

Mar 3, 2010
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I'm in need of help - I need to know how easiest to create two separate itunes libraries.

I have about 90GB of music in lossless format (ALAC) in my itunes library - I play it over a decent stereo system so I like to have it lossless) and an 8GB iPod Touch - this creates a problem in that I can't fit very much music into the 6.8GB the iPod actually allocates to music (why is this? Wouldn't it be better if slightly more expensive if they made the hard drive 9 gigs or something so it could actually hold 8 gigs of music?).

I'm wanting to create a second, separate iTunes library in which to hold all my music in AAC, preferably without destroying my current music collection. Is there an easy way to do this? (my computer-savviness rating: capable of pressing the 'ON' button)

Much appreciated,



Holding down the option key while launching iTunes gives you an opportunity to create -- or open -- alternate iTunes libraries.

Create a blank one, export your AAC (or ALAC) tunes, import them into the new one, delete them off the old one. Once you've "chosen" a library, you'll need to hold the option key down while launching again to change libraries.

Hope that helps!

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