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Doom 3 mods that really work!!

Feb 20, 2004
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Mid-2011 MBP 13" i5
I have been a doom fan for a few years. I was real disappointed in the fps that I was getting on my g5 so I decided to mod my cfg file in the hopes that I could get some better frame rates and performance. The first couple of attempts were not too great, but the last was very successful and I have a solid 60fps throughout the game now. It will bog down in heavy fighting scenes to around 40 but I never see anything below 38...period. Before my framerates were falling into the single digits during heavy fight scenes. I should mention that the cfg files I have modded require at least a gig of ram in order to help. Otherwise, you'll be pageout/in all day long and performance will be worse. Email me for my config files.


What will doom 3 play like on my Mac?
iMac G5 1.8, 1GB nividia GF5200 64MB vid RAM?

will it be a playable 30-40fps or a 20fps dog?

Also is there a demo of the game i could try? That's what ID should do instead of ppl buying the game then taking it back because it's unplayable