Doesn't boot/very slow

Jun 24, 2009
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A few weeks ago my macbook pro(early 2008) was hit by a big UFO to the right of the touchpad. The dvd drive entry become slightly narrow but to be honest I haven't yet tried if it works, and for the rest it survived :)

The problems started now, it suddenly crashed and now I can sometimes boot it, sometimes can't.
Sometimes it hangs on boot with the apple logo. Sometimes it shows the folder with error/delete sign.
Sometimes it boots and I even manage to start a disk check, but it then crashes(looks the HD drive disappears, not sure's somehow crashed).
Same with Snow Leopard, same with Bootcamp Windows 7.
I also did now a Cmd+S boot and then fsck -yf. "The volume macos appears to be OK.".

I just opened it and confirmed that the HD drive is completely unaffected by the bent aluminum(on the opposite side).

So..what can it be?


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