Does my pb go to sleep when...? From college with report for you all :)

Aug 10, 2004
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So I just arrived at college! Whoo hoo UMD so far its a lot of fun even :) Umm anyway I turned the energy settings so that when it is plugged in, it never goes to sleep. Because I found that my aol instant messenger would sign off when the computer would go to sleep. Anyway, does the computer go to sleep when it is closed?? Like the white light comes on but it wasn't flashing like it used to.

Anyway I this girl on my dorm who I became friends with has a 15 inch pb!! :)

Another interesting thing, when i got here my roommate was here and was trying to set up his computer for the internet on the lan. Much more difficult than the mac. He had a dell desktop and when he tried the dell setup from out of the box it didn't work. Then my mom helped by playing around with the add network wizard and got it to work. However mine was much easier! I plugged in the ethernet cord, and clicked on mozilla and boom the "welcome we have detected a new computer" page popped up and I proceeded to get connected! Easy as APPLE :D NOT DELL!

Another interesting thing, that girl with the PB was in my room and I opened itunes. How sweet is this. It showed up on the left side as two different people's libraries!!! That is awesome. Do you think they are just two people on the network thus anywhere through campus. Or is it a wireless thing? That is really cool!

I love my computer and am glad I didn't return it when I first had buyers remorse!! Thanks all of you for your help thus far!


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Dec 24, 2002
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I know when i close my iBook and my powerbook, they both go to sleep. If you really want to keep it awake. Just leave the lid open about a quarter of an inch or so. i would turn down the brightness of my display thou, since you want it on all the time.

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