Disk/Printer cant conect to Airport extreme

May 7, 2007
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Hi guys
today i bought a new Airport extreme base station.
the prioblem is, i cant conect my ext.HD. Although, In Airport disk utility when u click the ""Manual set"" in the menu toolbar, it shows that my Ext. HD is connected. But on the upper right hand side of menu bar where one can see if the disk is conected or not shows NO DISK. I m so confused. because i have been using Airport express and it worked all fine. But now i cant even Print let alone using Ext HD. I added the printer on the printer list. and can also see that its conected, when i look in the" Airport disk utility" but when i try to print nothing happens.

PLease guys i really need ur help
Pl! drop me anything u might think can work.

once again P!!

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