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Sep 3, 2014
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Good day all! This is my first post! Yay! Anyway I just migrated from a PC to an iMac and all is right with the world except for one thing, music CD burning. I use Virtual DJ 7 Home for Mac to mix and record a session. The session is record as one song. Since each session has several songs mixed together continuously when I use to burn my CDs using Nero 7 I could break up the song into several tracks so when played on a CD player I can skip to a specific track. So is there a way to do this using my iMac? Thanks in advance!



What you're asking for is something akin to chapter markers on a DVD, but for audio. There's probably several ways to do this. A few I can think off off the top of my head:

1. Duplicate the "session song" in iTunes as many times as their are songs, then set each copy to play FROM a certain point TO a certain point covering each "song." You can set this by getting info on the file/song (command-i) in iTunes.

2. Open the file in an audio editor and split the track into several tracks.

3. Essentially the same thing as above, but using the Virtual DJ program to split the tracks.

The reason Nero could do this is it would recognize the markers you put into the file and write the track with subsections (not many people know that CD players can read such things, and indeed not all models can). You might want to shoot an email to Martin Hairer of Hairersoft and ask him about this option. He makes a program called Amadeus Pro that might be able to do what you're looking to do when it burns the CD. He'll certainly know where to point you if AP doesn't do it.

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