Digital Pen

Aug 27, 2008
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I'm looking for a digital pen that I can mainly use for taking notes in class, without having to bring my laptop. The thing is that the ones I find on the internet, either don't work on a mac or use anoto paper.
What I want is a pen that writes and draws on regular paper and saves it to a file, which can be sent (preferrably by bluetooth) to my MacBook Pro.

After a long search I found three types:
The thing about the last one is that you can use it as a draw palet, but it's larger to carry around as well..

Here are two that have a great functionallity, but work on anoto: (watch the movies)

Anyone with any suggestions on which one is the smart option? Or are there others?
All my searches ended on aged forums and in my opinion there should be something new/better by now..
Any ideas??

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