Did I burn my fan out?

Sep 17, 2010
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EDIT: Just checked again (naturally) and the right fan was back again to 1996 like the left, sorry for jumping the gun! This thread can be closed/deleted if need be =)

Hey everyone,

I use Istat in order to keep tabs on my Macbook Pro 15". Normally, when I am just using my computer normally, both the left and right fans spin at about 1996rpm each. Just now, I was playing a game, exited, checked Istat, and my left fan was spinning at ~6000rpm, but my right fan was only spinning 226rpm.

The right hand side of my computer felt cool to the touch, but my fan never drops that low, and I felt that it should have been higher just because my left fan was working so hard.

Right now my computer is back to "normal" and my left fan is at 1996rpm according to Istat, but my right is only at ~241rpm.

Did I blow out my right fan? If anything I would expect my left one to get blown out since it is right next to the heat sink, so I'd be surprised if that was the case. If it is blown, do I just take it to the Apple store to get it fixed?


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