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Date and Time Stamp from import video

Apr 4, 2007
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First of all if this is not possible it is not the end of the world. I am new to the Mac World (I just got a MBP) and I am just thrilled. To be honest I was shocked when, like advertised, I started up iMovie HD and then plugged my video camera into the laptop with the firewire and everything just worked and it recognized it. It was beautiful.

Any way, my question is. Does iMovie import the date and time stamp that is hidden in the video? What I mean is, when I watch a recorded video on my video camera I can hit a "Data Code" button and it shows the date and time the video was shot and then I can hit it again and it goes away. I am curious if this information gets transfered over? I don't really want to send all of my home video over to the computer with the date layed on top, but since one tape might have 6 months of different clips it would be nice to selectively check the date once it is imported.

Again, if this is not possible then not a big deal. I am just curious.


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