D-Link System Airplus Xtreme or Apple's AirPort Extreme?



In the issue of MacAddict, 87th issue of November 2003, on page 34 they recommend the D-Link systems AirPlus Xtreme G 802.11g Wireless Router @ $109 over Apple's homegrown AirPort Extreme Base Station (with modem and atenna port). Does the AirPlus have a dial-up port like AirPort Extreme does? Because I'm a dial-up user and it would be kind of nice to place the desk in my room somewhere else and still have a dial-up connection to the internet along with placing my printers somewhere else in the room to give me more space for the computer, which I will soon purchase drueling over the MacAddict picture of the G5. Which is better, the AirPlus Xtreme or AirPort Extreme?


No, the D-link doesn't have an internal modem or modem port. I have one here next to my DSL modem.

If you want to be free of your telephone cable, you will have to fork over the extra cash for the Apple product.

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