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Apr 28, 2005
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London, UK
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something most baffling happened last night and I was left in TEARS!

I was watching a DVD and it crashed. The MacBook wouldn't come back to life, therefore I had to press the start key until it died and re-started itself. Upon this, I checked the .cwk doc that I knew was open when the DVD was running. I was prompted for 'recovery' and even though I knew that I had saved it to the last second, I still clicked on it.

However, the document that theMacBook has recovered is an older version from the one I was working on yesterday, one that is in fact 2000 words shorter and 3 weeks older. I called AppleCare this morning, but the guy told me that if the file doesn't come up in spotlight, there is no other way to recover it. Frankly, he seemed a bit of a moron to me (he didn't know what a .cwk file is for God's sake! How does he keep his job?!), and I did not start talking about document recovery software to him because I thought it would be pointless given his displayed ignorance.

I did a bit of serching, both on Apple Support, on here and everywhere, but I haven't really found anything of help... The document hasn't been lost from the Trash... it appears to have been over-written by the machine when it crashed... it reverted to an older version. Does this trauma mean that I just have to re-write it all?

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