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Cross platform video conversion

Jun 23, 2008
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I use iMovie which produces films in .m4v format.

I need to convert these films into different formats that will be supported by different web browsers, preferably OGG and MPEG (possibly also WEBM).

Can anyone recommend software which which enable me to do this please? if it's free then all the better but would like one application that can support all the above formats.

I run OS 10.5 on a PowerPC (ie not Intel architecture) which limits what software is available to me.

Many thanks


Senior Member
Oct 19, 2008
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Your Mac's Specs
Too many devices to list
Give Miro Video Converter a try. It can easily do OGG and WebM and it's free.

EDIT: Oops, didn't see that you were using a PPC Mac. This older version might get the job done. It doesn't look like it does WebM though.

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