Creaking 13' Retina Macbook Pro 2014. Hinge or Case?

Oct 3, 2014
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hey everyone i am experiencing some creaking sounds on my rmbp 13 inch 2014 model. like if i lift my computer when open it creaks sometimes and if i press the top right or left corners it creaks again so i went to the service center and they opened and reseated the case and the creaks went away for a day but then again they came back and I went to the service center again and told that guy that the sound was back. I told him that the sound would only come if i would press the top left or right corners of the case while the screen was open and then if I moved the screen or if I lifted my computer which seems to be coming from the bottom of the case, Im not sure. But even when i move the hinge the sound would come sometimes a very faint sound. The guy told me to leave the computer with them for 2 days and said that they would disassemble the display and refix it again to the case. My computer is barely 2 months old I don't like the fact that they will open everything up and re fix it on top of that these are apple authorized service center which aren't owned by apple so I don't know , what if they screw up? Guys suggestions please. After some researching i realized its a very common problem with the retina mac , apple quality sucks BUT WHAT IS THE FIX? IS the noise coming from the hinge or bottom case and Can they cause damage by assembling the screen again or should i just live with it?

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