Couple networking bugs

Apr 25, 2007
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eMac - 1GHz G4 - 768MB RAM - 200GB - DVDRW
Hi all,

I have a couple network bugs that I'm trying to work out:

I have a 802.11b Linksys wireless router that is WEP encrypted. It also only allows a computer on if you input the MAC address on the allow list. I've enabled the list to allow all access. When I try to connect using the airport installed in the computer, it asks me for some password. I've tried the computer pw, the router pw, the wep key, and the passphrase. Nothing works and the network wizard won't let me go from there.

Next thing is file and print sharing. I can see the Mac on my network using the Window XP Pro computers, but how do I join the network 'mshome' which is my home network? How can I see the files on my other PC computers? I'm aware of the 'public' folder, but is that the only way to file share?

Thanks all!

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