Cooling pad

Feb 18, 2010
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I hope I am posting this in the right forum, I didn't see an accessories for mac forum. So if this is wrong I'm sorry!!

Ok so my mac was downloading the free version of iWork so I could try it out and my computer started to get a little warm. So I figured I would plug in the cooling pad while it was downloading iWork to cool it down. When I plugged it in though nothing happened and an error popped up on my screen saying it was disabled because it was using too much power. I had my computer plugged in but the download was still going. Did this happen because of the download in progress? My charger was also super warm but I figured that was normal? Everything is brand new so I'm not sure what happened. I have been told I don't need a cooling pad for the mac so I guess its not a big deal anyway? Thanks!

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