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Converting Hi8 tape to digital

Jan 1, 2009
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iMac (retina 5K), 27" 2019
I have a Sony TR920e, bought in 1997. I have a lot of Hi8 tapes that I would like to convert to digital. When using my old Mac Pro, I bought software called Ezcap video conversion pack (Anyone familiar with this company?)which has a USB connection to the usual 3 YWR cables. I used it briefly and it worked fine. Now, with my new iMac, using the same gear, I am encountering issues with sound syncing and speed, such that my voice sounds a bit like I've been breathing Helium! Are these signs that there might be a compatibility issue with the software? The tapes sound fine when played through my TV.
Any advice would be great


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Jan 23, 2008
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Keller, Texas
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2017 27" iMac, 10.5" iPad Pro, iPhone 7+, iPhone 8, iPhone 11, Numerous iPods, Catalina
Which version of macOS is your new iMac running? It sounds like a driver problem in that the Ezcap video conversion software may not be entirely compatible with your new iMac, especially if it's running Catalina.