converting album art when syncing with ipod

Feb 24, 2007
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i am using one of Doug's scripts to sync my itunes library (apple lossless) to my ipod (AAC). At the moment i am thinking of embedding my album art as opposed to it being stored in the Album Artwork folder, as i want it to work with the Cover Version visualisation which only seems to work with embedded art (does anyone know of another application/plugin that will produce fullscreen artwork as iTunes plays?). As I have multiple artwork for many of my albums and my artwork files are quite large I wonder if there is a way of synching only the main artwork embedded in each track (i.e. the one that will come up in coverflow) and/or reducing the size of the embedded artwork on the ipod in the same way that i am converting to smaller AAC files?

How does synching artwork with an ipod work if the artwork is in the Album Artwork folder? Where is the artwork stored on the ipod and would it be the same size as the artwork in the Album Artwork folder?



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