Connecting to wireless printer attached to PC

Mar 2, 2010
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I'm new to mac, and everything is SMOOTH and incredible. Why did I wait?

I had one issue, well 2, but this one's first. I couldn't 'see' the wireless printer in our home office which is a PC environment connected via a linksys router. The printer is a little dated, and shared on the network via a PC. Apple care couldn't and actually wouldn't help me on this one... and HP wouldn't either.

Here's how easy it ended up being:
On the PC, I made sure the printer was shared.
I made sure the PC wasn't locked and you'll need the password to access the PC if there is one
I connected to the PC on the network (directions here: Connecting to Windows XP from a Mac)

Then when I went to add the printer (system pref, printer fax, little '+' sign) I choose 'windows' and the workgroup that the host PC is part of showed up in the left pane (in my case 'sunhome'), click arrow and host PC appears in second pane (in my case 'mediacenter hp'), click arrow again and voila, there the shared printers are. It prompted me to enter the PC's password before it would show the printers, but it worked!

Hope this helps another newbie out there!

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