Connecting to a remote HP 1022

May 29, 2007
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I have a Mac Book and Im trying to connect using wireless connectivity thru a wireless router (WRTG54Mbps) to a HP 1022 printer conected to a Windows XP workstation (USB).

I received a mail from HP Technical Support saying they do not give tech support over networks and suggested I should connect directly to the printer.

That is why Im here asking the people who knows about this stuff.

The printer is working fine within the Windows network, but I cannot connect with the Mac.

When I try to add the printer, I go to the workstation where it is conected to, and it takes ages to add it.
Same thing happens when I try to print from Word, it takes for ever to display the print menu. And it doesnt print at all.

Do I need to install some protocol like Appletalk or something? Is it even possible to use the standard 1022 (Not the "n" model) for remote printing?

Thanks a lot for any assistance.

ps: baby steps please, im a Windows user trying to get in the Mac world :Cool:

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