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Connect Multiple DV Cameras or Multiple Webcams to 1 Macbook Pro

Feb 6, 2010
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Hey, I'm looking to record an event with multiple cameras and stream it live online from my macbook pro.

I've been doing some research into Firewire (My macbook has the new firewire 800) and seem to have come across an issue whereby only 1 DV camera can be connected to it regardless of using a firewire hub to try and connect more. This is apparently because there is only 1 firewire bus. Is this true?

Are there any work arounds whereby I could possibly connect 2 or 3 cameras to it. I don't have the express-card slot, just the SD from the 15" version.

If there is no option with DV cameras, would it be possible to use a series or webcams or are there again compatibility issues or using several into one machine.

The only sure method I've come across so far is using an outboard analogue visual mixer however they are out of my price range! (I'm a student and this is for a project)

Sorry if I've been vague, any useful tips would be great and much appreciated.



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