Confused about how to burn a slipstreamed CD

May 10, 2007
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I'm at about 10 hours of work doing this now . . . I think I'm getting there, but I'm now confused.

I have after a lot of messing about with both my Mac and my Windows machine, managed to get sp2 integrated into my XPsp1 disk, using Nlite.

So, I have a folder called XPcd on my Mac desktop. Good.

Now, some time last night I also created a .img file with ISO buster, which is very small. I tried a Windows app to create an ISO, which required that I point at this .img file, and the slipstreamed XP files, and it creates an ISO. Turns out it doesn't work, so several coasters and some Googling later I turn to Nlite.

So what is the significance of this .img file? How do I use the OSX disk facility to create a burnable image of the directory I created? Do I somehow have to say 'here's the img, and can you put these files on it', or what?

I just don't want to have to spend another 4 hours fumbling about and trashing CDs, so any hints would be appreciated.


Well, finally got it done. For what it's worth, here's a recap of what did work for me - there are quite a few how to's out there that don't.

- You need your Mac, and a windows machine. You need about 1.5gb free space on the windows box.

- Download Nlite from here it's a windows app.

- Copy the Original XP cd contents to a directory on your Windows machine.
- Download / copy SP2 to the windows machine.

-Run Nlite. It'll first ask you to point it at the Windows installation disk. Navigate to the i386 directory of the copy on your hard disk. It should list the details of your disk.
- Now it will ask for the service pack executable. Point it at where you copied it to.
- Click next until you get to a screen asking what you want to do. Integrate the spack with the original. (It's all pretty self explanitory).

- When that's done, you will create an .iso file. IMPORTANT - the .iso file must have the same name as the original CD volume name, eg XRMPVOL_EN.iso

-When that's done, copy the .iso over to your Mac.

- Insert a blank disk. When the dialog pops open asking what you want to do, tell it to open disk utility (applications/utilities).

- Drag the .iso image from wherever it is into the left hand window of the disk app, and click 'burn'. et etc.

If all goes well, and I haven't forgotten something, you'll get a useable disk. You can then run the bootcamp installation. I'm posting from XP right now . . . good luck!

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