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Jun 16, 2009
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Hello everyone. I'm a recent convert from Windows (I have a MacBook Pro 15'' now) and I'm looking for suggestions on a good Mac computer game. I know Mac isn't the way to go if you're a video gamer, but I have an xbox and am generally not concerned with a lack of compatibility with Macs.

However, I would like to have at least one good game on my computer that has good replay value that I can play once in awhile when I'm bored. I considered putting Windows on my MBP, but I had an issue with the bootcamp setup reading my disc. Both Apple support and Microsoft's Windows for Mac support advised me to send it back. Since I don't need Windows for anything else, I was considering just scrapping the whole idea of having Windows on my Mac. This would only work however, if I could have a Mac game to keep me occupied from time to time.

I've pretty much ruled out shooters, since I don't have a mouse and playing shooters with the trackpad isn't fun. I saw that Starcraft in available for Mac, but the new one isn't out yet and I don't know if I want to play a 12 year old game (the first one). I also looked into Warhammer Online, but a monthly subscription fee scared me away. I played a lot of Guild Wars and RTS games back in the day, so something along those lines would be great. I've looked around and couldn't find a game that I was familiar with that could compel me to buy/download it.

So, any suggestions from my fellow Mac users?

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