Com Ports on a Mac?

Jan 26, 2007
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Waihi Beach, New Zealand
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MacBook Pro 15" 2.6Ghz | 200GB 7200 | 4GB Ram | 32GB iPod Touch 2G
Hi All,

I have a custom setup in my car including an 8" touch screen up front, all cables run under the carpet and come out under the front passenger seat. I used to run my windows laptop in the car, and had it run all my music, GPS navigation, and OBD II tuning.

Now I have a MBP and have XP running under Bootcamp, so that I can run mapping software and a few other XP only apps. Today I tried plugging the MBP into the car, I had no trouble getting the screen to display on the 8" LCD, but the mapping software, Memory Map, couldn't locate the external USB GPS. Usually on the windows laptop you go into GPS settings and select which Com Port the GPS is plugged into, but no matter which one I tried, it still couldn't see the GPS.

So I am wondering if there is an equivalent to "COM Ports" on the mac? Or a utility that shows what is plugged in to where, or if there is a numbering system to connections on the MBP.

Any help would be appreciated, I'll have another play around tomorrow.

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