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Jan 3, 2015
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Hello. First post.


I am trying to create a clickable folder path link that will open a new Finder window on my mac. Specifically, I am trying to create a document where I have a list of projects. The assets of those projects are contained in Dropbox folders. I would like to have a link to these folders available beside the list names. When clicking the link, a new Finder window is created that I can browse through immediately. I will also have a link to the actual web Dropbox folder for use when accessing this list on the iPhone.

Ideally this list is in OneNote. But I am open to any application that will allow this to work so long as it is cross-platform to the iPhone.

I have tried pasting the file path to a local folder called Notebooks (not in Dropbox) and adding file:// so as to make it clickable. The resulting link is:


Below is the message from Yosemite:

The application “Microsoft OneNote” does not have permission to open “Notebooks.”

This also happened with OmniFocus.

I believe that productivity only works when the least amount of effort is required to accomplish processes. This is why I am wanting to create the quick link so that I don't have to manually go to the folders.


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