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Cleaning out the goodie box...



*Look at the bottom of this post for more items that I list.*

1) I have a Macally rfMouse Jr. This is barley used. It comes with power adapter, cradle for charging, thumb-drive sized receiver and the mouse. This thing was used about five times but I sold my iBook, so I have no use for it. Great condition. Bought for $60 - will sell for $35.

2) I have an un-named PCI sound card. It has a line-in, line-out, mic-in and a game port. Pretty good condition. No box, no manuals, no software. I have no idea where I got this, but I'll sell it for $5.

3) I have 2 PCI USB cards. Both have 2 USB ports on them. They work in PC and Mac. I have no use for them anymore. They're both in great condition. No box, no manuals, no CD. Usually, it's plug and play on windows or Mac. $12 for each or $18 for both.

4) I have a MacSense (now Macally) PCI 10/100 Ethernet card. I'm pretty sure it works in macs only, but I could be wrong. Great condition. Bought in the Beige G3 days for $110. I have the box, I don't think I have the drivers or the manuals. The drivers are easily found on macsense.com. Serial number is FE550. Will sell for $15.

5) I have an ATI Rage 128 PCI video card. It has 16 MB V-RAM. Works well, in great condition. I believe I have the box but not sure if I have the CD. Manuals would be in the box if I can find it. Bought for $50 about a year ago. Well sell for $20.

6) I have a Jaton AGP graphics card. No idea how much V-RAM there is. I'm pretty sure it works, but not possitive. Good condition. Trident Chipset. (http://www.jaton.com for more info) Serial number is: TV973D (Video-97). No box, no manuals, no drivers. Will sell for $10.

7) I have a Entrega USB to SCSI adapter. It's pretty small, in good condition. Barley used, been sitting in my drawer for a good two years. No box, no manuals, no software. Selling for $10.

8) I have Warcraft III - Reign of Chaos. CD in perfect condition. Barley used at all. Comes with box, manuals and serial number. Selling for $15. SOLD!

9) I have Diablo 2 and the Diablo 2 Expantion Set. Barley used at all. CD's in GREAT shape. Comes with box, manuals and original Serial Numbers. Diablo 2 and Expantion Set selling together for $30.

10) I have an external HP USB cd-writer 8200 series. It's 4x USB 1.1. I don't have box, manuals or CD for it. But I do know that all of this (manuals and software) are avalible on HP's website. Selling for $20.

Expect more later on. I had typed all this out about a half hour ago all nice and with much more detailed descriptions, but somehow, it logged me out and I couldn't get my post back. Sorry for lack of neatness or spelling mistakes. Buyer pays all shipping on products. All items are sold AS-IS, not meaning they are in bad condition, meaning I won't refund your money because it would most likely be spent by the time I get it. Thanks everyone.


EDIT: If you want pictures or anything, contact me any way possible.

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