circle with line through it on start up



Hello all,

Lombard 333, I do have the 2.2 processor. OS 10.2
Installed 9.1, and updated that to 9.2.1 and then 9.2.2 prior to loading 10.2

So, I finally got OS10.2 to load on my machine after many tries and failures. Now when I start up I get a grey screen, then a quick blink of the big grey apple logo in the middle, then a circle with a diagonal line through it, and then nothing happens. I have tried starting up with 64mb native apple ram, 128mb native apple ram, and 384mb ram, 128 native, plus 256 non native, and I always get the same result.

Can anyone help me with what to do? Why this has happened?

Thanks a bunch for your help!

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