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May 7, 2010
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When I set up iCloud I was asked for an alternative to my iCloud e-mail address. Having just replaced my previous iPad with another one and restored it from the previous backup I tried to log on to iCloud which was using the alternative e-mail address as my Apple ID. The password is the same for both but, for some reason, the password wasn't recognised till I accessed iCloud using my iCloud e-mail address as my Apple ID.

It is now showing the alternate e-mail address as 'Primary' and the iCloud e-mail address as 'Verified'.

I think the only way to rectify this is to delete the alternate e-mail address but it does't show in Mail because I deleted it from my previous iPad 'cos I only wanted it on my iMac.

How do I remove it as the Primary Apple ID or now that my other Apple ID has been verified don't I need to, especially as, once I had verified the iCloud ID the password seemed miraculously to work with the alternate ID?

Hope all this makes sense to somebody.
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