CFMX & Tomcat install Issues!!


Bo Eddy

Noone out there has any comprehensive info that I can follow. Please Help!
I am trying to run ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X 10.2.8. I have installed java 1.4.1, Sun's Netbeans (most recent), CFMX 6.1, and the Web Services Developer Pack. I cant get Tomcat to run at all, when I enter the start command, i get a response saying 'unrecognized command'. I cant access the admin for Tomcat because I cant get it started. I logged in as 'root' user to do all the installations because otherwise I didnt have permissions to access the installation folders. 11 Days later Im EXTREMELY frustrated.Still trying to get it to work. Noone will claim responsibility for their own installers and tell me what I need to do. Feeling lost, trying to do what seems to be too easy for everyone else. Seems everyone else has had no problems installing and starting up. Well if this is you, please share your knowledge... thats how the 'help' thing works.. Dont just come to the forums when you need help, come back and help others as well.
:::(pulling hair out:(::

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