Cellular Options with a Mac Portable (iBook?)



Hi all, I was wondering what kind of wireless solutions people in the forum have had with Mac Portables.

My father has recently asked me to look into getting him a portable computer with wireless for his business purposes. He's a Mac (only) user, and most of his needs are internet and email. He pretty much needs to be able to use it anywhere, so I was looking into the cellular options.

I was thinking of getting him an iBook G4 with a wireless cellular card. That way he can use iSync to keep all his bookmarks and addresses syncronized with the iMac at home. None of the major carriers or PC Card manufacturers claim to support Mac, although I'm sure they are compatible.

I've always been a fan of Verizon Wireless because of their great reception, but if people have figured out setups with other carriers, I would certainly look into it.

Anyway, how many of you have setup a iBook with a cellular carrier? How'd you do it? How is it?

thanks for your help!

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