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So, if your like me (and judging by net searches, there's a lot of people like me) you have problems when putting CDRWs into your Mac (10.3 --panther).

I wrote a few days go about my blank CDRW problems: the CD just spun and spun, but did not read. It seemed like mac couldn't recognize the disk. I've been searching for a solution all over...I couldn't find anyone who's solved it. So...I figured I'd tinker around my mac and see if I can make it work.

Well, now, I solved the problem. And it's easy. Just do this:

- Open system preferences
- Open CDs & DVDs
- You'll options for blank CDs and DVDs, the default option is "ask me what to do." Click on that and select "Open finder."

Now, the next time you put in an CDRW it should work. This solves my blank CDRW problem. As for CDRW written on a windows machine, I don't know, but I'm going to test that out soon.

To burn to my CDRW I just drag and drop my files into the CDRWs finder window, and then click on the little icon (looks like nuclear symbol) to burn my files to the disk. It works!

So, no need to throw out my memorex CDRW, because everything works. I'm happy now :)

--nate :)
Dec 28, 2003
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Now your're thinking!

I'm happy to hear you've solved your problem! I've been watching this thread, anticipating what the complicated solution might be, but behold the obvious! System Preferences! lol



Yep...what is it, occum's razor (spelling?): the simplest soultion is often the right soultion. LOL

anyway, yes, the CDRW does read on a PC. I should note, however, that once you burn onto your CDRW the disk is closed (but still eraseable) if you use the disk utility burning program.

I tried using the disk with toast -- yes, you can add more files to the disk if you unclick the default 'close disk' option, but everytime you add more files to the CDRW you end up making a new partition on the disk. So, now when I stick my disk in, I get two "my disks" showing up, each disk with it's own files. LOL

To erase the disk, I just open up the disk utility program and earse. So, really, the CDRW works more like reusable CDR. Fill it up, use it, erase it and fill it up again.

I haven't tried putting PC files on it yet, and using it on the mac...I'm going to try that now. Today is experimentation day...

--nate :)


I used Nero on my PC to burn files to my CDRW, and then I tried to see if my Mac would read the disk. Yes, it worked like a charm. So now, I can transfer files all over, and if I want, erase the CDRW and reuse it.

I think that the Panther defaults caused most of the CDRW problems -- but since i changed them, everything with the disks work out just fine.

--nate :)

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