CD Superdrive difficulties

Jan 19, 2021
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M2 Mac Mini, Studio Display, macOS Sonoma 14.4.1 RAM 8GB
I am having trouble with adding music tracks I am using the CD Superdrive which has been in use all the time, (until now) The music title is shown scrolling across in Music but no sound. Previously added tracks play without any difficulties. When attempting to import I receive Unknown Error occurred while converting the File. (music title) An unknown errorI Occurred (-54) I have tried consolidating all files in the hope of fixing the problem all to no avail Apparently this error message has been rumbling along for quite sometime. I have used an external CD drive by LG the same results no volume. As a work round I have used the Apple CD Superdrive with my Mac Book Pro, Late 2013 this works alright with no problems. I cannot understand why the problem after mid February has just surfaced ? I would welcome any guidance in order to fix the problem. My Thanks in advance

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