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OK, bare with me, I am very new to the mac world. Here is my problem:

I own a PowerBook G4, with the DVD/CDRW combo drive. My drive will play DVD's, or any cd that I have burned (either on my old PC, or on my mac), but it will not play any CD that I have purchased, including music cd's from the store, driver cd's for peripherals, etc.

What is wrong with my powerbook? Am I simply not doing something right, or is my Mac screwed up?

It seems like if a drive will read burned cd's, and any DVD thrown its way, it should read any other cd as well, what is my problem? Any help would be great!
Mar 9, 2004
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Hmm... Does the cd show up in iTunes? Do you have iTunes?
I suppose if your itunes was screwed up, it might not automatically start playing the cd when it's inserted, but osX would assume that it is and thus would not show the cd on your desktop or in finder.

Or is this not the case?

Also: music cd's nowadays often have a copy protection mechanism that prevents you from copying the material off the cd. Sometimes this "protection" interferes with playback on mac's (check the back of the cd for details)

Try an older original cd (from before '99 for example) and see if that'll work.
Or try opening itunes first and then insert the cd..

You also mentioned driver cd's: Are these mac drivers (doubtful) or pc drivers? If it's the latter, maybe they just aren't recognised by osx?

Sorry i can't be of more help !


I do have iTunes, and iTunes works fine for any cd that I have burned, but it will not play any of my commercial CD's, and trust me, they have been around for a while. I tried over 40 different cd's last night, including application cd's, and none of them worked. I went back to my PC, and copied a music cd onto a burned disk, and my Mac played it no problem. Like I said, DVD's play, the cd burner works, I can play any kind of burned cd's, but not commercial cd's work at all. very strange...


Try this, go to System Preferences then click on the CD & DVDs icon. There are options you can pick from the drag down menus, pick Open with iTunes for When you insert a music CD". If that dose not work take your laptop t an apple store were they most likely know whats going on.

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