Cant click lower left area of the screen...



On my 12" PowerBook,
there is an area on the lower left hand of the screen where I can't click...
It's aprox a 1 x 1.5 Inch area.

It happens now and then... and it's happening right now.
Anyone know what is causing this?
Here's what I currently have running:

- Adium
- Butler
- iChat
- iTunes
- Mail
- Path Finder
- Adobe Photoshop 7
- Preview
- Safari
- Terminal

Externally I have a Wacom Tablet connected - altho this problem happens with or without it plugged in.

The mouse arrow can hover to the lower left - it just can't click on anything - except the very last pixel (or pixels) around the monitor

I've quit all programs and only had the Finder running - still the same problem.

I rebooted and the problem went away for a while, but keeps coming back at random. :/

Any ideas?

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