Cannot load or play certain CD's



Not sure is this is a hardware problem or iTunes problem. Basically out of the hundreds of discs I loaded to iTunes about 6-7 cannot be read or played in my iBook G4. I put the disc in and the drive keeps spinning up then down, clicking and making noise, but it cannot do anything with the disc. Sometimes it kicks it right back out and other times I have to start/stop iTunes and eject the dics like 10 times before it actually comes out. Any thoughts?

Also, how much noise does the normal iBook combo drive make when a disc is inserted. I was suprised at mine...some kinda loud clicks coming in and out.

I ran both hardware tests and they are clean, but I don't know if the combo drive is even included in those tests.
Jul 22, 2003
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my powerbook drive does that sometimes

whenever it doesnt read a disc if i pop it back in it will read it again

adam taylor

hmm, some discs do this to my (pc), not tried them in the ibook yet. i think its some kind of copy protection? a couple of discs simply imobilised the pc, odly though the same discs work in the 2nd cd drive on the pc. but in the first they make similar noises to you describe. when i used to test computer games it was that noise that told us the PSX / PS2 etc was having trouble reading the disc, cleaning it or tipping the PSX / PS2 on its side would help for some odd reason! try that with the ibook ?

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