Cannot find a dvd duplicator for mac

Mar 1, 2010
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Moose Factory
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hi all ... i am looking for a good dvd duplicator/publisher around $3000.00 CAN.

so far i've only found this: Bravo XR CD/DVD Publisher Primera Store Canada ..

but i've heard bad things about the bravo xr ..

some have suggested Rimage .. but rimage says there product is PC only and suggested to get a pc to run it .. :( .. we currently have that set up .. rimage blows .. ink is hard to find in canada .. model is out of date .. we use an out of date pc to run it ..

i would like something thats mac only .. lol ..

you think mac being the premiere product for all things media they would have a duplicator that kicks *** too .. just saying ..

if you can help me out please do so .. it would be much appreciated .. you can email me at <address removed to protect against spam> .. and of course reply to this thread ..


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