Cannot Copy - Cannot read from the source file or disk

Aug 30, 2008
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Hello Everyone, I am a recent "Converting from Windows to Mac" person and very happy with my Mac overall.

I have an issue that I have seen on a couple of forums without much resolution.

I have an SMB share on my Mac Pro with various files (install, pictures, etc).

When I go to a Windows XP or Vista machine I can connect to the SMB share on my Mac. Now when a copy any medium to large size (e.g. 22MB or higher) file on a Windows XP/Vista machine from the Mac SMB share it gives the following error:

Error Copying File or Folder

Cannot Copy <filename>: Cannot read from the source file or disk


Now if I am on the Mac and copy the file to a share on that same XP/Vista machine that works fine!

If I am on my Mac and have a connected external hard drive that is configured as a share I can also copy files from that share on a Windows computer.

I know the files are not corrupted and believe there is something with the Apple file & folder structure that is causing this issue.

Is there something I need to enable or setup or do to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advanced!

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