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Cannot connect to shared external drive on mac mini

Aug 8, 2011
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I have a 2014 Mac Mini running Catalina. I have setup some share folders on the Mac mini, and I haven't had any issues accessing them from either my wife's PC, or my macbook pro. The issue I run into is sharing and accessing an external drive connected to the Mac Mini. I can share the drive, and give permissions, but when I go to access the drive, I get an error on the macbook pro, and nothing happens on the PC.

I have read a few things about the drive needing to be formatted a certain way. I have tried every way possible from exFAT to Mac os extended journaled and case sensitive. All versions give me the same error:

"The operation can't be completed because the original item for "Jonathan" can't be found."

Jonathan is the name of the mounted external drive.

After reading a couple threads on here about different issues, I tried resetting the "File Sharing". Still nothing. I have given read write permissions to that drive as well. I also saw a lot of people mention problems with Catalina. I got this Mini with Catalina on it, so I can't say whether it worked with a different on or not. I found some youtube videos on setting up an external drive share, and just followed those. Most of those videos are a little older, so I wouldn't rule out the OS right now.

** I guess I should make it clear, the shared external drive shows up on my computers, I just get the error above when I try to enter it.
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