Can you help me bring it back to life?



I recently came across a discarded IMac and salvaged it thinking that there might be a good part or two and then it could become an aquarium or something. But I got it home and turned it on and it is (for the most part) a working computer. It has a 400 MHz processor, slot loading DVD player, 128 MB RAM, and 13 GB HD. In short, it's exactly what I need at home as a web browser for my wife and web server for my little homepage. The only thing that doesn't work is the screen. There's a VGA port on the back and I'll bring a monitor home tomorrow to make sure that it puts out video, but I'd like to fix it right. How much of a job is it to put another CRT into these things? Is it worth my time/money? I'm pretty pleased with my find, so any help would be appreciated.


From what I've researched, it sounds like the analog/video board (aka the PAV board.) I've been looking for one myself (but for an older iMac.) I've seen ones that might work w/ yours on eBay for $125.

PS - if you know a cheap diagnostic center, have them take a look at it; I'm no iMac expert.

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