Can you explain FLAC and conversion?

Jul 18, 2008
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I'm new to the whole FLAC thing. So is it completely lossless audio or does it contain compression of any kind? And if there is no compression, why would converting it to a WAV file make the file so large?

When converting a FLAC, all I really want to do is convert it to WAV then convert that to AAC for my ipod. This seems to be the simplest way to do it, but is there a better way?

One final question, when I convert FLAC to WAV, the program I use allows me to pic from a wide range of WAV settings, from 8 bit all the way to 64 bit. I've never heard of a digital track being processed at more than 24 bit but I chose 64 bit assuming it would be the best - or is that not a good thing to do? Should I convert at 16bit or 24?

Many many thanks to any help.
Oct 22, 2007
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hang on, I think I posted the answer in to the wrong thread, here goes

Here is a step by step guide to playing flac files in iTunes

Once they can play in iTunes you can use the Convert to AAC command in iTunes under the advanced menu with no need to convert to WAV

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