Can my screensaver password settings be different on different wireless networks?

Feb 25, 2010
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Hey all,

I spend a lot of time with my Macbook Pro at coffee shops, at school, and all over town where someone could potentially jack my Mac. And so I keep a screensaver password (and a login password) on it at all times in hopes that, if it did get jacked, the person wouldn't be able to even get into it.

But what's annoying is when I'm at home (where hopefully no one will be messing with my Mac) and I have to type my password in every time I come back to my computer after the screensaver activates, or if it has gone to sleep, or for that matter, if I am taking it out for the first time after getting home.

So what I'm wondering is if anyone knows a way to tell my OS not to use the password protection when I am on my home network? Is this even possible?

(*Note: I understand that this is not a fail-proof method for protecting my Mac since, theoretically, someone could just plug into it and boot it as a target hard drive. Any other ideas on how to further protect it would also be appreciated)


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