can I add RAM to my Powerbook?



Please forgive me if this is a painfully stupid question, but I am completely computer-handicapped.

I just ordered a 12" Powerbook. It comes with 256mb of RAM. I did not add any more as I figured it would be cheaper to buy additional memory from and install it. However, when I went to crucial and used the memory finder, it says that there is only one memory slot on my PB. Does this mean only one slot including the 256 installed memory (meaning I would have to uninstall the 256 and actually install 768mb to get the total amount I was hoping for)? Or does it mean there is one memory slot open to add additional memory?

Here is the info I found on crucial if that clarifies anything.

Thanks in advance
Jul 22, 2003
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The 256 that you ordered is soldered into the motherboard. There is 1 additional spot for you to add your own chip

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