Can a faulty DVI shut down the computer?

Oct 14, 2007
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So, ever since I had my MBP, I've had to had the computer closed and the external monitor turned off to insert the DVI, otherwise the computer just shuts off, as if I'd held down the power button. I assumed this was normal, until someone at a local Apple store told me it wanst. I've been meaning to bring in my computer, but yesterday, while connecting it to another machine, the tech guy just inserted a DVI connector while the machine was on and nothing happened.

This makes me now think the problem is with my monitor or the DVI connector. That being said, I used the monitor - a Samsung Syncmaster T220 - with my old MacBook with no problems.

So, using my Holmesian powers of deduction, I'm wondering if there is something wrong with the DVI connector. Could a faulty DVI connector cause this problem? Has anyone ever had this problem?

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